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HR Strategies Management Consulting Services provides advice and expertise to address the top HR issues facing firms today including workforce analytics, employee engagement, organization effectiveness, total rewards, talent management and HR Strategy. We bring leading industry insight and experience to these issues from a team of dedicated HR specialists.


HR Strategic Planning

Many HR organizations spend most of their time on day to day operations from recruiting to operational support such as onboarding new employees. It can be a constant challenge to manage these tactical items while focusing on aligning the HR organization to the corporate strategy of the company. HR strives to achieve appropriate balance in their service delivery models to enable to business. It is a critical success factor for HR departments to find the right balance of delivering the currents services and understanding the needs of the business.

How we can help:



Assist organizations to build and execute their HR strategic plans.


Developing business cases, metrics and overall impact of HR initiatives across the entire enterprise from people, process and technology.


Assessing your HR organization against the leaders and best practices to determine the critical gaps and strategies to improve overall engagement and performance.


Total Rewards

The current slow growth economic environment has caused many firms to revisit their total rewards programs. HR organizations are looking to balance motivating their staff through compensation programs and other rewards while keeping their costs in check. These two competing goals must align with the corporate strategy of the company. Building business cases and demonstrating the ROI of total rewards programs is a critical competency for the HR team.

How we can help:



Assess, design and develop total rewards plans and strategies to align with the goals and strategy of the firm.


Research the needs and priorities of the employees to determine the most valuable total rewards.


Benchmark and analyze the total rewards program offered against key competitive and industry peers.

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Organizational Effectiveness

As organizations grow and evolve over time the organization structure and design is influenced by factors such as internal politics, acquisitions and management philosophy. Often this evolution leaves the organization with a suboptimal structure that doesn’t serve customers well. Getting the right people in the right roles and structure and holding them accountable is the key to success.

How we can help:



Assessment of the overall organizational effectiveness including business strategy, roles /responsibilities, competencies, performance metrics and decision making.


Develop and implement organizational designs that align with strategy of the firm, governance models and the required behavioral changes.


Talent Management

Recruitment and engagement of top talent is at the forefront for all industry leaders. There is a critical shortage of talent at all levels in most organizations. Organizations are struggling to determine how to have the right culture to keep employees engaged, how to motivate staff and how to manage performance. The key success factors include: new recruiting methods, social media, and workforce analytics.

How we can help:



Design and develop performance management systems that balance motivating the employee and holding them accountable.


Develop and implement workforce analytics that support a deep understanding of employee needs and issues.

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Workforce Analysis

Many companies should be asking themselves “Are we making HR decisions with the same intellectual rigor as our decisions in other departments such as finance, sales, and marketing?” Collecting and analyzing data in critical areas such as employee alignment, employee profitability, succession planning, training and turnover can provide invaluable insight.

How we can help:



Design and implement key metrics, HR metrics and dashboards to support effective decision making.


Develop strategies and plans to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of enterprise HR data.


HR Tactics

The HR teams are overwhelmed with day to day activities that leave them very little time to attend to strategic areas such as overall HR strategy, understanding the needs of the business and defining new HR service offerings. Balancing the day to day and finding time to work on longer term plans can be challenging.

How we can help:



Provide interim HR staff to support operational activities and strategic activities.


Tackle critical tactical items such as job descriptions, performance appraisals, compensation planning and HR administration

Industry Focused

We have clients across many industries and can bring the right expertise to support your HR initiatives. Our experience with 100 plus clients in 10 plus industries includes industries such as: Broader Public Sector, Higher Education, Consumer Packages goods, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, Hospitality, Communications and Technology.

Our broad industry experience provides you with a partner that understands the unique culture, regulatory and workforce features of your industry.