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Our long standing relationships with leading HR technology vendors provides us with a unique strength. Our team can provide independent, objective and pragmatic advice ensuring you get the most value out of your HR technology investments. We will work with your organization to develop HR technology roadmaps, HR systems Selections, Technology implementation, Change management and other Professional Services.


HR IT Roadmaps

HR Technology has been rapidly changing with the advent of integrated talent management, cloud technology and emerging tools such as social media, mobile and team collaboration. Making sense of this fragmented market that is ever changing and picking the right technologies that will drive the most business value is a challenging task.

How we can help:



Define and implement core HR business processes based on best practices.


Assess and plan the rollout of HR technology tools and platforms.


Define and structure governance models associated with technology projects.


HR Systems Selection

Dramatic changes in the workforce and technology have created more disruption in the HR software market. New technologies such as team collaboration, video and mobile are mainstream now. In addition, a greater opportunity for employee engagement, high performance cultures, embedded feedback, and team centered structures have emerged. As a result, new players have come to the scene to create a complex, fragmented market for HR software.

How we can help:



Design and develop HR processes for core HR and emerging new areas.


Assist with the analysis, evaluation and selection of HR technologies.


Assess the business value and ROI of HR software tools and platforms.

HR Strategies Consulting

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The implementation of HR technology has the same guiding principles as other technology deployments. The outcomes of implementation should include a well thought out project plan, on time, on scope, on budget project that meets all of the intended business outcomes.

How we can help:



Assist in the planning and execution of an HR technology project that includes everything from designing the process, configuring the technology and managing the project.


Conduct project audits of existing projects to determine the likelihood of success and suggest alternative strategies to get the project back on track.


Change Management

Many businesses are under a period of constant changes whether it is a new acquisition, merger, new production line, new technology project or a divestiture. Managing the change well with staff can make the difference between low and high levels of motivation and adoption. Proactive communications and change programs are essential to move an organization in another direction.

How we can help:



Develop enterprise wide change management plans to support the adoption of a new technology or program.


Assist the development of a change management readiness assessment to identify gaps and tactics to support a significant organizational change.

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New HR technology is transforming HR processes and systems. The employee experience is being dramatically impacted with a new set of services and applications that are much more employee centric. Much of the employee experience involve interaction with a typical web browser. With modern mobile based interfaces significant new capabilities are possible.

How we can help:



Assess the best technologies (mobile/social etc.) to improve the employee experience.


Develop and deploy mobile technology to support key employee self-service applications and processes.


Professional Services

Organizations often struggle to keep an inventory of all the right skills and resources to sustain their HR technology platforms. Skills are required across a diverse set of categories and are needed on a temporary basis.

How we can help:



Provide interim resources with the right technology skills across many technology platforms.


Provide leading edge cloud-based platform to manage your talent acquisition process.

Industry Focused

We have clients across many industries and can bring the right expertise to support your HR initiatives. Our experience with 100 plus clients in 10 plus industries includes industries such as: Broader Public Sector, Higher Education, Consumer Packages goods, Manufacturing, Retail, Healthcare, Financial Services, Hospitality, Communications and Technology.

Our broad industry experience provides you with a partner that understands the unique culture, regulatory and workforce features of your industry.