Managing a Union Workforce – Reduce the burden and the risk associated

Recorded Wednesday, September 23, 2020 1:00PM EST

Managing Unions especially multiple unions can be time consuming and complicated, but it does not have to be.

About The Presenter


Azka Sanai
Global Deployment Lead
Sodales Solutions Inc.

Azka Sanai has over 5 years of experience supporting global Health and Safety implementations across a wide range of industries providing best practices, streamlining methods to identify non-conformities within the workplace and showcasing how to best regulate corporate safety culture.



Webcast Agenda

Below are key learnings from this session:

  • Manage, search and reference collective bargaining agreements
  • Trace grievance throughout its lifecycle
  • Automate Grievance Workflow
  • Provide employee self-service opportunities to launch and track grievances
  • Enable Lawyers and Union Representatives to have online access to data you want them to see
  • Have year over year data on corrective action and payouts
  • Advanced reporting on the people, roles, departments, divisions that are most frequently filing