Safeworklogix Enterprise Health, Safety & Environment Management (EHSEM) Software

Quickly respond to changing local and global safety regulatory requirements without incurring expensive lead times. Enable preventative safety and reduce potential risks at all organizational levels ranging from incidents, environmental factors, locations and new policy implementations. Provide communication, inspection tools and standard investigation capabilities for safety processing across employees, HR leadership, operations, customer service, contractors, external auditors and regulatory bodies.

Safeworklogix Enterprise Health, Safety & Environment Management (EHSEM) Software solution provides an end-to-end integrated environment for managing health and safety incidents using industry compliant forms, claims and disability management, ergonomics assessments, Hazard/Near Miss, Work Refusals, Safety Alerts, Corrective Action Tracking, Stress Risk Portal, H&S based rewards programs and H&S reporting with integrated HR processes and policies. The solution also provides environmental tracking, site inspection, safety walk checklists, and site audit management capabilities. Powered by Conversational AI based Chatbot. Available with offline mobile app.