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During this webcast we will discuss the move from the “legacy term” HCM to the new future thinking HXM catchphrase. HXM is now the go forward term for effectively managing and engaging your workforce, from hire to retire, but in a more granular day by day capacity.

Canadian Federal Pay Equity – Are you ready!

Although the Federal Government has yet to finalize and issue the legislative regulations to support the new Act, waiting to begin preparations will put your organization behind the eight ball.  The journey to compliance may take a number of years.  Why not “start your engines” and start the journey off in the right direction.

Performance Management – Preparing for 2020

For years managers and employees have been actively protesting old methods of the performance review. The feeling is that they lead to uncomfortable conversations and non-productive feedback. 

Discover how a unified approach to performance management can drive success for businesses of every size. Create a culture of continuous performance management with the strategies shared in this webcast.

Re-Imagine your Talent Management Approach: Technology as an enabler, not the solution!

Many organizations have invested in or are about to invest in technology to automate and elevate their Talent Management processes.  However, the research suggests that focusing only on what technology to use will not produce the expected outcomes and results.  Automation improves efficiency and enables better data capture and reporting but it often does not drive year over year return on investment in the solution. 

A critical process in creating a great employee experience starts before the employee joins the organization and continues until the day they leave the organization. Onboarding, Cross Boarding and Off Boarding processes can derail or elevate employee engagement and success. 

recruiting HR

Attracting Top Talent in 2019

The war for talent is stronger than ever. With so many companies competing for the same pool of talent, how do you stand out? We’ll show you how to leverage your brand, social media and SEO to attract and hire the best talent.

Increasing Employee Engagement through Social Collaboration Tools

Employee Engagement is a key business driver for any successful company.  In this webcast we will discuss how to elevate employee engagement using social collaboration in your organization. We will also walk you through SAP’s Jam Collaboration and show you have you can solve problems faster and drive results by connecting customers, partners and employees.

Join Terri Joosten, Global VP, and Denise Bisland, Compensation Consultant, in discussing how to prepare a compensation strategy and how to leverage compensation technology to prepare you for a more effective compensation plan. 

Performance Management – What’s the latest?

Join HR Strategies as they talk about the pressures in the market to change “Typical Performance Management”.  Managers and employees have been actively protesting old methods of review.  The feeling was that it was leading to uncomfortable conversations, not productive feedback.  What are organizations now doing?  What is the impact?  Register now to find out industry trends. 

Trends in HR Technology & the Impact on HR

Join this session to learn how to harness technology in 2019 to provide value to HR as well as the entire business. We will cover market trends and how to avoid the pitfalls of bad HR technology decisions. Also covered will be the impact that HR Technology trends are having on both the market, as well as HR and the value they bring to the organization.

Time and Attendance Software

Are You Due for a Time and Attendance Tune-Up?

If you are on a journey of making your HR or Payroll department into a fine-tuned organization, then this webinar is for you.

Join HR Strategies Consulting’s Tom Trombley and WorkForce Software’s Virginia Wear for a conversation on tuning-up HR and Payroll within your organization.

HR Skills and Competencies

Defining Skills and Competencies – The Common Language of HR

Global VP at HR Strategies Consulting, Terri Joosten speaks on the topic of Skills and Competencies as the common language of HR and the building blocks of HR strategy. She looks at critical business drivers to define skills and competencies and walks you through discovering your own competency model.

HR Strategies Consulting - HR Technology

Learning and Development Hot Trends

In this webcast, Terri Joosten is joined by Samantha Marsden, the Sr. Marketing Manager at OpenSesame. OpenSesame offers the most comprehensive catalog of e-learning courses from the world’s top publishers. Join Terri and Samantha as they discuss the results of The 2018 Global Sentiment Survey conducted by Donald H Talor, Chairman of the Learning and Development Institute.


Workforce 2020: The Engagement Paradigm 

By the year 2020 75% of our workforce will be Millennials.  What are you doing to attract, engage and retain your staff and prepare for the millennial shift? 

Crafting strategies for the 2020 workforce is no small task. Learn more about this paradigm in a webcast hosted by Terri Joosten,  Global VP Business Development at HR Strategies Consulting

HR Tech

The Ever-Changing World Of HR Technology

After more than 20 years working in Human Resources (and with HR professionals) Terri shares with us the knowledge that she has gathered through her journey focussing primarily on HR technology.

Her objective over the 52 minutes is to show you how to make wiser and better decisions to help in your organizations’ HR transformation.

Performance Reviews; It’s Time for A Change

Let’s talk about it – The need for Performance Management has never been greater but the process in which these reviews are performed has been long overdue for a complete overhaul.  So, the question is: Where do you start?

Request the archive of this past webcast in which we cover the most recent emerging trends in Performance Management.

Labour Relation Trends and Grievance Technology

While the norm for collective agreements has been around fiscal restraint especially in the public sector, the increasing impact on technology has made for intense negotiations for many manufacturing sectors. We will cover recent trends in negotiations, requirements and pain points in the processes as well as showcase new technology that is available for managing grievances.