Unleash Your Future-Ready Workforce

Delight Employees While Simplifying Compliance – Eliminate error-prone manual processes, improve communication, and streamline compliance for all your unique workforce management requirements—global or local, legislative or contractual.



Manage Leave and Accommodation Requests with Ease

Don’t miss a beat when it comes to managing employee leaves of absence and accommodations—whatever the reason.

  • Determine leave type and eligibility from HR data and employee responses to a simple online questionnaire
  • Pre-built and configurable workflows walk your employees and HR administrators through every step of the process—from initial request to return to work authorization
  • Covers all of your leave policies including intermittent leaves and concurrent eligibility, whether required through legislation, union agreements, or company policies

Comply Confidently with Labor Laws and Union Agreements

Rest easy knowing the WorkForce Suite has you covered for every regulation or union rule—global or local, legislative or contractual with:

  • Pre-built best practices to automate labor laws and common business and union rules
  • Flexible configuration for automation of all your unique union rules and internal policies
  • Easily prove compliance with a complete audit trail of all changes made, whether applied in historical, current, or future periods

Interpretation with Time-Off and Attendance Policies

Automated and consistent application of time-off and attendance policies promotes fairness and eliminates the potential for grievances or litigation.

  • Enforce approval workflows based on time-off type and other qualifying criteria
  • Validate requests before submission against projected time-off balances that account for planned usage, accrual rules, and status changes
  • Track and manage attendance point- or occurrence-based systems with transparency and automated communication when thresholds are approaching